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Germanetti | Transport since 1927

Enviroment and Safety

We are a logistics and transport company that pays a great deal of attention to the environment and one of our strategic objectives is to reduce CO2 emissions from our vehicles.

For this reason our corporate policy foresees:

  • Replacement of highly polluting vehicles with low environmental impact vehicles in order to have a fleet with low Co2 emissions. At present, 60% of our vehicles are Euro 5 and 40% are Euro 4.
  • Use of intermodal transport which promotes a greater use of sea (ship) and rail routes.

Our company has always discouraged behaviour that does not comply with the Highway Code or that constitutes in any way a breach of the Highway Code. We are aware of the possible risks on the road therefore we carry out driver training courses to train them on safe driving and on the importance of respecting the driving hours.

Enviroment and Safety

Germanetti S.r.l. - Transport since 1927

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