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Germanetti | Transport since 1927

Company History

The company was established in Bra in 1927 when the transport of salt and coal was of vital importance for the companies and people living at that time. Germanetti Trasporti rapidly developed and consolidated its business in Piedmont and Italy.

In 1930 our first vehicles reached the North African coasts supporting the expansion abroad of Italian companies.

The company Germanetti Trasporti S.p.A. was established in 1958 and with its services it has helped companies to take their names beyond the national borders. .

Regular services to Greece, Egypt and Albania were inaugurated in 1970.

In 1975 Germanetti starts its operations for the Italy – Tunisia Service .

Nel 1985 we started working in the Moroco Area, with both road and intermodal ways.

In 1985 the company started to serve the Moroccan market by land using the T.I.R. carnet system.

In the 90s the company developed routes to Eastern Europe, Turkey and the former Soviet Union republics. The year 2001 marked a turning point for the company with the entry of the next generation and the development of new strategic plans and the opening of new subsidiaries in Tunis and Vicenza. In that period all the operational structures were renovated and transformed and the head office in Bra was extended.

In 2002 two new branches were opened in Europe : Netherland and France which also follow all Europe traffic.

2003 is a very important step in the Germanetti history since we made important investments:

  • we opened a new branch in Casablanca, Moroco
  • two bonded warehouses in Moroco and Tunisia
in order to offer a complete service to our customers.

In 2004 the subsidiary in Milan moved to Lacchiarella, in the logistics centre of Villamaggiore, increasing the number of operational offices and the size of the warehouse.

In 2006 the warehouse in Milan was fitted with handling and storage systems for "hanging garments" (fashion service) and the fleet of light vehicles was renovated to create the Logistics and Distribution division of fashion goods.

The new office in Tunisia was opened in 2007 with a new logistics base, unique in the entire territory for its 15000 m2 of protected area in the port area of Rades. The Libya Route was also inaugurated following the opening of a subsidiary in that country.

2008 is another important year in our history : we opened our new COLD LINE with reefer trucks, a new branch in Algeria, and finally we signed a new and important cooperation agreement with a Maltese operator which allowed us to widely cover Mediterranean Area.

In 2009 an office was opened in the port of Marseille in order to follow directly the operations of our vehicles in transit.

La storia della nostra azienda
Company History
La storia della nostra azienda
Company History

Germanetti S.r.l. - Transport since 1927

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