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Germanetti | Transport since 1927

Fashion service

The “Fashion” division of the logistics and distribution service has been created to meet customer requirements and complete the range of services offered in the supply chain. Since 2003, we have a logistics platform in Morocco and Tunisia and we offer the following services:

  • storage of raw materials and finished garment
  • quality control of finished garment
  • shipments to sales markets

The logistics project in Italy was set up in 2006 with heavy investments in the warehouse in Milan to update it with modern automated shelving for the storage of textile products and in particular of “hanging garments”; the number of employees has also been increased to handle customer orders and the light vehicles for the distribution and collection of the garments.

Important investments were made in 2007 and 2008 in the warehouses in Bra (Cuneo) and Padua to implement the logistics and distribution network in Northern Italy guaranteeing a service that covers the whole of North Italy.

Safe and fast with us

  • CCTV surveillance service.
  • Security systems connected to operations centres 24 hours a day
  • Guarded warehouse service
  • 24 h Controlled and managed access.


  • Storage of goods in our offices in Milan, Bra and Vicenza, and management of customer orders.
  • National/international deliveries
  • Customer door to door deliveries: Direct delivery to large scale retail channel Deliveries by means of regional transport
  • Pallet management
  • Management of goods returns: collection from customers using vehicles owned by us.
  • Customer payment collection
  • Bonded warehouse and VAT operations in our warehouses in Milan, Bra and Vicenza.
  • Management of government tax seals
  • Re-labelling service
  • Quality control
  • Import-export operations through specific operational offices that offer assistance
  • Management of promotional items and/or product launches
Fashion service
Fashion service
Fashion service
Fashion service

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