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Germanetti | Transport since 1927

Morocco Line

We have been operating on the Morocco route since 1985 when regular maritime connections were not available and transport was by road.

In 2003, to satisfy the new needs of our customers resulting from the economic development and the arrival of the just in time way of working, our company organised itself to offer new transport methods.

To guarantee the right transit cost - time mix, we improved our service by opening two structures, commercial and operational, in Casablanca in order to directly provide assistance to the customers.

We have:

  • a modern integrated logistic warehouse to handle goods and bonded goods.
  • a logistics platform in an important logistic area just outside Casablanca.
  • a bonded warehouse in the port area of Casablanca for the handling and management of groupage goods in the customs area.

All this includes 3000 m2 of warehouses, 700 m2 of operational offices and 10,000 m2 of parking area with 24/7 video surveillance.

We are also present in Tangiers to follow directly the customs operations and provide assistance to our vehicles that travel by sea or road. We work with local personnel in order to better understand the many and varied needs of our customers.

Safe and fast with us

  • Vehicle monitoring 24/7 by our operations centre.
  • Vehicle registration number and transport start and end time are immediately communicated to the customer.
  • Vehicles owned by us equipped with satellite system.
  • Tractor units owned by us with highly professional drivers.
  • Vehicle escort service.


  • Five weekly departures of full load transports with a wide ranging and modern fleet of vehicles operating in North Africa, all with remote surveillance systems.
  • Groupage transports to and from Europe consolidated in our Hubs, with fast courier performances
  • Controlled temperature transports with last generation large volume refrigerators with real time monitoring 24/7 from our active technical centre.
  • Management of international cash on delivery, cash against documents and documentary credit operations.
  • Container service from all European ports.
  • Bonded warehouses. Consolidation, deconsolidation, and custody of bonded goods.
  • Logistics platform.
  • Storage of bonded goods.
  • Distribution and collection service of automotive and fashion commodities. Capillary service with light vehicles on the whole of the Moroccan territory.
  • Abnormal load transport. Transport of equipment and systems of various types from the whole of Europe
  • Ro-ro transport and other transport systems.
  • Sampling service.
  • T.I.R. carnet transport.

Additional services

  • “All-risk” insurance policy personalised according to customer needs.
  • Assistance in free circulation operations for goods travelling in Italy.
  • Tracking service.
  • Customs consultancy service in our structure by qualified personnel.
Morocco Line
Morocco Line
Morocco Line
Morocco Line

Germanetti S.r.l. - Transport since 1927

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