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Transports from Europe to North Africa are our mission. We can solve any transportation need with the best and most updated vehicles currently operating on this line.


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Germanetti Trasporti since 1927

Germanetti Trasporti dal 1927

The company was established in Bra in 1927 when the transport of salt and coal was of vital importance for the companies and people living at that time.

Germanetti Trasporti rapidly developed and consolidated its business in Piedmont and Italy. In 1930, our first vehicles reached the North African coasts supporting the expansion abroad of Italian companies.

The company Germanetti Trasporti was established in 1958 and with its services it has helped companies to take their names beyond the national borders.
Regular services to Greece, Egypt and Albania were inaugurated in 1970


Trade Associations

Germanetti Srl believes the association is always a fundamental value for its growth, as well as a set of ideas and concrete operations necessary to create a network able to improve the communication of data and contacts, in order to facilitate the achievement of specific objectives.

We decided to invest in the enhancement of the associations, to which we belong and through which we develop part of our business, confident that this involvement would be beneficial for the creation of an all-Italian network, useful to the development of public relations, both in national and international enterprises’ area.

Germanetti S.r.l. for this purpose is affiliated with: Associazioni di categoria

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Germanetti S.r.l. - Transport since 1927

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